Xuan Thomas

Born and raised in the French Riviera, Xuan has always been very active trying many different sports but two in particular; volleyball and soccer. Xuan was going to a sport etude for volleyball, a school to train professional players.

When the Women’s Soccer team opened up in her hometown, she decided to leave the opportunity with volleyball and go onto following her passion for soccer. Soccer being the most popular sport in France, growing up with an uncle who went to play professional and as a kid was always a big fan of soccer, Xuan was lucky enough to meet some of the best players through her uncle and even got the opportunity to be part of the celebration of winning the Ligue cup. Xuan pursued her passion for soccer was recruited to be selected for the french team but wasn’t able to continue due to hip dislocation.

Her first internship with school was probably a look into the future because she decided to do it in a gym facility and did her report on running a gym. Xuan’s passion has always been in sports and being active. Knowing she wanted to study abroad, after high school she decided to move to Miami to study Design and earned her bachelor in Interior Design. 

Xuan’s career in hospitality wasn’t fulfilling and the only thing she looked forward to every day was to go to Legacy Fit to just release all the stress from her day. Xuan loved that the class was a full body hour workout and the best part of it was having a partner to go through 20 stations with, which makes it fun to keep changing exercises during that one hour. 

After being there for a year Xuan decided to get her certification to become a trainer, everything after this changed her life. Xuan then realized that what she always loved doing was helping change lives and being involved in the community, she was able to achieve these goals with Legacy Fit. Xuan then jumped into wanting to open her own facility with the help of Denise Diaz.

Here we are 2 years later, helping change lives and there isn’t one day she doesn’t wake up happy about what she is doing!