Nicolle Erazo

Growing up in Colombia with a younger brother and parents that have always encouraged them to stay active, Nicolle at a young age was very involved in various sports such as tennis, horseback riding and volleyball.

At the age of 13, her family decided to move to the United States where she continued her passion for sports and immediately found her first love, a soccer ball.  She played four years of high school as the center defense in the girl’s varsity soccer team at G. Holmes Braddock Senior High.  Soccer taught Nicolle the importance of discipline, hard work and teamwork.

In 2011 encouraged by some friends, Nicolle decided to join a crossfit gym, which opened the doors to gymnastics and olimpic weightlifting. It also has given her the opportunity to participate in different competitions as an athlete and as a judge. As she continued to grow as an athlete, and hungry to expand her knowledge, she began to spend most of the time learning more about the world of fitness. Until she decided to follow her passion and obtained her Personal Training Certification at the National Association of Sports and Medicine (NASM) and is currently working on her Precision Nutrition L1 Certification.

Nicolle wants to be able to make a positive impact and help people change their lifestyle and reach their goals. Show them that no matter what their challenges are or what fitness level they have, they can attain these goals with hard work, patience and consistency.

Nicolle is extremely happy and grateful to be part of the Legacy Fit® Doral team and have the opportunity to share her personal experience and knowledge with our members.