Born and raised in Miami, FL, Eduardo Soto a.k.a. Mystro, joins us with a strong background and knowledge in both nutrition and physical fitness.

As a young kid growing up in a competitive city, Eduardo was always very active in sports. He played everything from baseball for a few years as an adolescent to racketball and football! His parents who are Brazilian and Dominican have been actively working out at gyms all their lives. You could always find Eduardo at the parks with the rest of the kids and it wasn’t until his mother took him to a gym, instead of the daycare where he said “I want to start exercising!” That day Eduardo found a $50 dollar bill under the bench his mother had him sitting on and after that he was sold!!

That was his calling to what is now his PURPOSE! Eduardo has had his eras of growth in the fitness industry. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago when he really wanted to learn the physiology and anatomy of the body. He hasn’t skipped a beat nor a meal since. He took that hunger for knowledge and became certified as a strength and endurance coach, fitness nutrition specialist which all amount to him being a MASTER FITNESS TRAINER!

Through fitness he has learned strict discipline and structure that carried off into every aspect of his life. Eduardo not only plans to continue advancing in his wellness journey but he falls in love with the process more and more each day!

Eduardo is extremely grateful and humbled to be a part of not only what is a power team but in his short time here considered his family!