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Carlos (“Ceelos”) Ruben Cortes, Jr., born and bred in Miami, Florida, is a dedicated athlete and competitor. While he has participated in various sports, he has focused on the demands of paintballing for the last 10 years, playing professionally for Tampa Bay Damage since 2014.

When not travelling the world participating in paintball trainings, clinics, and tournaments, Ceelos is working on his degree in exercise sports science and nutrition, and his strength and conditioning certifications. Ceelos is the epitome of the “No Days OFF®” lifestyle.

He trusts strongly in the transformative powers of fitness. The transition from athlete to athlete-trainer comes as no surprise to anyone who knows Ceelos. He believes in working with the individual, focusing on long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts. A believer in functional training, Ceelos is committed to learning, developing, and implementing innovative fitness techniques. He values training modalities that can be transferred from the gym to daily life, from training to championship games.

His goal is to provide unparalleled training whatever the client’s goal may be, by instilling a greater awareness of the physical and mental capacity. He seeks to promote the benefits of proper training by making it a part of the client’s life, creating and maintaining a positive mindset, and improvising to keep workouts effective and interesting.