Work In Progress

In my years of being a trainer, I have often heard “What is your favorite physical feature?” Or clients will share their favorite features and the infamous “trouble zones”. Where there is a favorite feature, there is usually a “work in progress”. From our thighs, or the last five pounds, to the love handles that we would “love” to leave. There is usually something we want to work on.

When I became a parent, or any role that I am blessed to carry, my range of “work in progress” extended past physical features. With my little one, I am a work in progress with patience in knowing that “One more time Mommy” really means about 20 more times. It transforms into a moment of bonding, so working on patience to repeat something many times evolves into a positive memory with my little man. We can all extend “work in progress” to an area of our life. As Legacy Fit Doral is a work in progress with construction, it will be worth the wait. It will be a place of achievement and accomplished victories. After all, it is said that anything worth having does not come easy.

We can rest assure that anyone working towards progress will be challenged here. Not just challenged to reach for their goals but challenged to appreciate the journey where they are. If you have a specific goal that would like to achieve, just remember that being a work in progress is a positive thing. It means to love yourself where you are but love yourself more to not let yourself stay there.