With Intention

Have you ever gone through the motions and then the next thing you know the day got away from you? Or worse. The week. Or even months fly by. Those goals that were set have now collected dust and were replaced by other pressing needs. Let’s go deeper. Have you ever added something new to your plate in life and then the next thing you know, your connection with yourself got away from you? It can be anything that distracts you from being intentional with your life. A new relationship. A promotion. Social Media. Caring for others around you to an extent that you’ve placed yourself last in line.

This is a loving nudge towards the mirror. Take a good look. You still exist. There is more to you than the roles you play for others. Yes, that is important. Equally important is waking up with an intention to connect to yourself as well. Whatever time of the day you are reading this, know that the hours prior to it are not able to be lived again. With over a decade of my career in health, dance and fitness, I can tell you that not having time is a choice. I have seen people’s live transform for the better by just adding themselves to their “to do” list. We make time for what is important to us. Yes, there are priorities that come with the careers and other roles we play, however, there are also distractions that can be limited. Make way for some Intentional Living in 2017.

Let’s name some things that you want to see surface in this new year for you. OK, I will go first. Try new recipes from the Cookbooks that I purchased and put on a shelf. More natural and less processed foods. In order for me to achieve that, I have to limit something else. I will limit some social media and spend more time in the kitchen. I hear it often. I will start my healthy lifestyle Monday. Next Month. By my Birthday. By my Summer Vacation. In 2017.

Knock Knock… It’s 2017. If you are still standing by the mirror, smile at yourself. This year invites living with Intention. Clean out the kitchen of processed foods if that is a goal. Replace Soda with Water if that is a goal. Let Legacy Fit Doral be your fitness family. Carve out that time for yourself. Don’t feel guilty about it either. You deserve some of your own time. Set yourself up for success. We cannot set goals without opening up the time it takes to achieve them. I am cheering you on because this is your year to live with Intention.