While We Are Waiting

What to do at home while we are waiting?


You and I are both ready for Legacy Fit Doral to open.  But will this set back, set you back from starting to see changes in your health?  Setting your home life up for success by adjusting some daily habits can jump start your progress prior to our doors being open. As a private trainer, I see that regularly without creating a home life that compliments a new fitness routine, results can hit a stand still even if you are killing it in your workout routine.  Please see below for how your home life can positively effect your health and what to do while we are waiting for Legacy Fit Doral to open.


Drink enough water for your Weight
We are what we drink.  Latte, Soda, Juice, Diet drinks, Energy drinks or not enough water can negatively affect the body.  Aim to carry around water with you during the day.  A great rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight of water in ounces.  Be patient with your body and start to take notice of habits.  Do you aim to grab a soda or coffee around 3pm when you are getting tired?  Perhaps, not enough sleep is the root of reaching for sugary drinks or caffeine.   It takes a solid two weeks to create a new habit.  Challenge yourself to eliminate or lessen those drinks that lead to a crash.  Also, drink water prior to every meal.  Most of the time, we reach for food when we are actually thirsty instead of hungry.


Make a Shopping List
We all lead different lifestyles but it is safe to say that failing to plan means planning to fail.  Do you eat on the go or do you have time to cook at home?  Do you live alone or cook for a family?  Either way, planning is important to success.  It takes longer in the beginning to prepare for the week (or half the week depending on your needs).  I plan for the week and have busy mornings so my on the go time is typically in the am.  Mornings, I plan to have an Elevated Nutrition Shake followed by lunch, snack and dinner.  In my house hold, my husband is a carnivore, I am Vegan and our son is sneaking into the Vegetarian path.  I have gotten use to creating a shopping list for all lifestyles, keeping in mind left overs and the amount of times we eat daily.  Planning not only keeps us organized for the most part, but we save money by not grabbing a bunch of items at the supermarket that we will not get to eat that will go to waste.  Get excited about the kitchen and perhaps buy a cookbook based on your lifestyle.  Food is fundamental to getting results so start here.  Do not embrace a habit of a cheat DAY once a week.  A cheat MEAL once a week will not derail you from getting results but a cheat DAY can undo tons of your hard work through out the week.


Get enough uninterrupted sleep
Last week, I spoke with high school students about how different areas of our lives affect how healthy we are despite our efforts in the gym.  Some shared that outside of working out, they spent close to ten hours on social media or watching TV daily.  Some shared how they do not sleep well at all and averaged 4 hours of sleep.  Lack of sleep leads to less productivity during the day, less effective workouts, and the need to reach for sugar/caffeine loaded beverages when the crash starts to happen.  Lack of sleep ages us quicker.  Get at the root of what is keeping you up at night.  Be realistic.  Do the kids need an earlier bed time?  Do we have too much on our plate where some items must get removed in order to take better care of ourselves?  Is social media keeping us up at night or the work item lingering in the back of our mind?  Find the source and fix it.  Stand up for your health enough tune out after a certain hour that allows you 8 hours of sleep.


What about your friends
Is Happy Hour the go to spot to meet with friends?  If so, switch things up.  There are ways to connect with those you love by planning new adventures together.  Since Legacy Fit is the home of Partner Interval Training, we stand by the importance of accountability and motivation by those we surround ourselves with.  Switch things up from Happy Hour or going out to dinner. Get together for a healthy cooking class or even to meal prep together.  In our space in the Bronx years ago, I witnessed women find success by changing their daily work habits.  A group of women that I trained worked at a bank together.  They were determined to change their lives.  So they took turns during the week bringing in cooked healthy lunch dishes from home.  Five women and each were in charge of one day a week.  It was really powerful to watch the pounds come off and women exploring other food cultures they would not typically try, save money in the process by not ordering out and enjoying the journey.


Take these few steps as stepping stones to creating balance prior to adding our bootcamp to the mix and watch the results get a well deserved head start.