The Cracked Open Door

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and found the door cracked. The room is dark, your eyes squint and you see a cracked door. Perhaps, the family pet pushed it open. According to an article by Sleep Sugar, creating a quiet and peaceful environment is ideal for a solid night sleep. Therefore, keeping extraneous noise outside of where you sleep requires closed doors. Let’s take a look at cracked doors that can disturb our healthy lifestyle habits.

Injury or Sickness

You were doing so great! Working out 5-6 times a week and eating better then usual. Then injury or sickness strikes! All of your attention switches focus to just getting better or trying to heal. A couple of things kick in when we are out of commission. We grab the food most convenient so chips, take out and fast food can slide their way into our routine through this cracked door. Eating out of comfort can creep it’s way through the cracked door as well. Exercise takes a back seat.

To Close this Door: If we are sick, it is expected that the most important thing for the body is to rest and recover. In terms of injury, the most important thing is healing and if physical therapy is required, to remain consistent with that. To make starting fresh exciting, buy a new healthy cookbook and exercise outfit. These small steps have a big impact. These steps are a direct call to action leading us to get organized. What recipes do we want to try and when can I break in that new outfit with a workout. Please remember as well that sickness or injury might lead to us not being at our most fit level when we start back. Be patient with the process. Remember that where you are doesn’t reflect where you will remain as long as you get started and keep going.

New Level of Stress

The new job promotion. The loss of a job. Moving to a new home or state. When you are just getting by minute to minute, the last thing I hear is “I must make time to meal prep or get that workout in”. I usually hear, “I have no time.” Switch that mindset a touch. The power in what we speak is immeasurable.

To Close this Door: Instead of “I have no time”, say “I have limited time”. Something is better then nothing. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, exercise is vital for maintaining mental fitness and reducing stress. It enhances cognitive function leading to better performance in that new job promotion. They even state that exercise stimulates anti-anxiety effects that can keep our self-esteem in tact while searching for that new job, or getting adjusted in the new state if we just moved. Find time for what can keep you physically and mentally strong.

New Relationship Circle

Dating someone new! Hitting all the fancy restaurants and getting bought delicious chocolates. New baby added to your relationship circle and you value 20 minutes extra sleep instead of cooking a healthy meal. You have a new co-worker that is invited to all the cool social networking events that have endless appetizers and open bar. Be careful that this cracked door doesn’t become a wide open new way of life leading to unnecessary pounds gained.

To Close this Door: It is fun to be spoiled a little bit with new love and restaurants. Let me be clear! It is a lot of fun to try new restaurants! Pump the breaks. Make active adventures part of your dates such as going for a walk or run together, take a bootcamp at Legacy Fit Doral together followed by making delicious lunch or dinner. Maybe even sign up for a 3K or 5K with your new boo! Limit the restaurants to once a week as a treat for you both. Get to know each other more by experiencing new things together like couples massage or going to listen to a new local band together.

As for the bundle of joy new baby entering the house hold… here is where you can cut some corners. Instead of cutting veggies, you get the pass to buy frozen vegetables (not with added sauces in it). Instead of making rice from scratch, you get a pass to buy Success Brown Rice that just needs to be boiled. There are ways to save on time without spoiling your healthy lifestyle. Finally, tell your co-worker to invite someone else sometimes. 🙂 🙂 Said with a happy face!! These events are great to network and meet people so don’t cut it out completely. Prepare yourself. Eat before attending so you are not showing up hungry. Drink a bottle of water before attending as well so you don’t take too much advantage of that open bar. Ordering a bottle of water in between drinks also so we do not bounce from drink to drink. Set your alarm. Do not be the last to leave. Set a game-plan to leave in enough time to get home and get a good night’s sleep.


Let loose! Cut back and have some fun!! Eat out, order appetizers and why not?? Let’s sleep on the beach all day under the sun! Do you deserve it! YES! How do we make sure this cracked door of fun doesn’t spiral us downhill when we return from vacation.

To Close this Door: Workout on Vacation! WHAATTTT!!! YES! I challenge you to turn your vacation into a “Fit-cation”! Work out at least half of the total days you are away if not NO DAYS OFF. Even if it is the resort “water aerobics” class. Find a way to stay active but notice red flags. Don’t give me the “I walked all day in the amusement park” if you are double fisting drinks, ice cream and snacks while walking. Do something additional the next morning/ early afternoon to balance that out. Prior to vacation, I like to use all of the food in the house so I can start fresh with healthy clean eating items from the market upon return.

Overall, the power is in your hands to not let a cracked door open the flood gates of shaky lifestyle habits. Besides, all the water in the ocean cannot sink a boat unless it gets in through a crack. 😉 Shut the door.