Spring Cleaning

Opening my closet door was the root of this Spring Cleaning newsletter. There I stood looking at clothes that I don’t wear, sneakers that I abused beyond repair and even the look of my closet needs a remix. My friends. It is time! Spring cleaning time!! Most people categorize spring cleaning as a house chore. Update the paint and donate used clothes and shoes. There I stood in front of my closet expanding the expectations of my Spring Cleaning. I would like you to join me.

April 2017 is here already. All these potential categories of Spring Cleaning popped up. Revamp the Kitchen? Time Management? Revamp the Home Appearance? Finances? Fitness Routine? So many options!! So what do we start with Team Legacy Fit Doral?

Weekend of April 1 – 2: Kitchen Remix
Regardless if you are the head of the house hold or renting a room, the kitchen can be tricky. Let’s spend the weekend of April 1 -2 looking at what is in our cabinets and refrigerator. Check expiration dates and most important, read the label. A good friend of mine always shares the importance of eating natural foods as opposed to processed. If the ingredient list is too long for comfort on side of the box, aim to find the natural form.

Example: Don’t reach for boxed potatoes when you can use natural potatoes.



Quite a difference there huh. Labels can be misleading but the closer we can get to the natural form, the better. Can you commit for April to create a list of Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner options for the week during the weekends in April? Take into account leftovers. Take into account prep time if you are on the go. Then use that list to go Food Shopping the weekend of April 1-2 (and each weekend from there). Aim to fuel your body as opposed to fool your body with sugar spikes and processed items.

Week of April 3- 7: Time Management
I am that girl! The one who starts off with a list of items to get done but longs to stray from that list… I could start dancing to a hot beat, chatting with my little boy about his day, or get on the phone with someone awesome. Next thing you know… It is dinner time and I forgot to add the fabric softener. Forgive my transparency but I would like to spring clean distractions. Let’s remix our daily agenda. Let’s be frank. Just because we are busy, does not mean we are productive. Write down your three biggest distractions next to your “to do” list. Then combat it. For example: If one of my distractions are television but I have to program design for my clients… I go into a room that does not have a television so I can limit my distractions. Knowing my weakness allows me to create a strategy to combat it. But rest assure… just as important as it is to get things done, it is important as well to allot time for those things that lure you in. So this week, write a list of those things that you need to get done. Next to it, write a list of possible distractions. As you start to tackle this “to accomplish” list, when you are tempted to stray… gaze at the list of distractions. That subtle reminder encourages you to stay on track. As you start crossing these items off of the “to accomplish” list, the sense of achievement will keep you on track!

Week of April 8 -14: Home Improvement Plan
What are those things that you want to fix or change in your house. For many of us, the kids are off of school for Spring Break. This is the perfect time for our helpers to help us remix our home. Take out a pen and paper… write the list of items to complete. On that same paper, write a sliding scale for rewards. Example: Oil the sliding door, touch up the paint etc. If 2 items are completed, a trip to the movies with the family is the reward. You get how this works. Even allow your family to help you with the reward list.
Put this list up in a visible location that you can mark off or your child/children can check off as it is completed. At the end of this week, tally up what your reward is.

Week of April 15 – 21: Finances
What are those items that you are paying for yet not using (netflix, app games, etc)? Dig into the root of your finances. What can you eliminate from reoccurring charges that no longer serve you. If you have a membership to a spa and have not been there in five months, eliminate it or make time to utilize it. Let’s dig even deeper. What about avoidable charges like late fees? Is our time management on point in our finances as well or can we spring clean that finances in that aspect as well. Saving up for something? Look at the items that can be swapped such as making coffee at home instead of buying that from outside. Those habits add up.

Week of April 22 – 29: Fitness Routine
We are very excited for our new members to Legacy Fit Doral. It will be our pleasure to push you safely to new levels in your health. If you have not already nailed your Pre-Sales rate, do so now before the rates go up in a few weeks. So enough of my shameless plug. Wink Let’s talk Spring Cleaning in terms of being active. Look at what you are currently doing and spice it up a little.
If you are very active and are satisfied with your routine. Great! Perhaps, just sign up for a jog/ walk/ run with your spouse or friends. Or just go to the park with your little one placing your phone in your bag. Literally, play with the kids with no distractions. Doesn’t matter who is watching you. Enjoy the active memory in the making.
If you want to add some level of activity to your routine, let’s make it happen. Or perhaps like me, you want to enhance a category of your fitness routine. I love my bootcamps as well as adding more time after the session to stretch this month.

Week of April 30 – 31: Reflect
You’ve come a long way this month. Sit back… take a look at the positive changes made in multiple categories. Spring cleaning is a friendly reminder that new beginnings can turn into lasting habits and fond memories. Feel free to share with us some of your Spring Cleaning journey.