Mother, May I?

The old school game of “Mother, may I” has become my day to day reality.  For example, instead of hearing “Mother, May I take 5 steps forward?”… I typically hear “Mommy, may I have a snack before dinner?”  You get the idea.  Come to think of it.  So many childhood games are focused on realities such as Monopoly, that teaches money management.  The game of “Life”, creates a journey through a person’s life where they get married and have children.

The other day, my little man said to me, “Mommy, may you relax with me?”  That question came at a time when I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner and had just finished folding laundry.  I investigated enough to find out that Mateo and I have two different perspectives of what relaxation is.  For him, relaxation is watching television or playing with the Ipad.  For me, relaxation is stretching, exercising or creating a dance routine.  His relaxation is more stationary while mine is more movement based.  According to each of us, this was our versions of how to clear our mind of the “to do” list.  So we find ourselves connecting when I watch his television show with him or him coming out with me riding his scooter.

So Mother, may I ask?
Do you find yourself going through the game of life without taking moments of relaxation for yourself?
Do you find yourself stuck in a never ending game of Monopoly focused on finances and skipping moments of connection with those you love most?

With Mother’s Day in May and a bulk of my loved clients being parents, I often hear how they are going to finally get pampered or treat themselves for this holiday to a massage etc.  The elephant in the room that I hear often, many moms share how they feel guilty for taking an hour of exercise out for themselves because they could be tackling something on their “to do” list.

Mother, may I … tell you that you are awesome everyday of the year.  Not just on Mother’s Day.
Mother, may I … tell you that you still exist and deserve an hour of bootcamp at Legacy Fit Doral (shameless plug).
Mother, may I … tell you that connecting with your family through their/your version of relaxation keeps us youthful and refueled for the week.

Finally …
Mother, may I… tell you Happy Mother’s Day.  You are someones daily hero!