Misled Action

Do we believe we are doing more than we really are?
By: Jai Faith

But I eat healthy! I exercise! I am just not getting results!
Is it possible to do all of the right things and not get results? Well, let’s take a look at “right things”. About two weeks ago, I ran into an associate while she was having lunch. Typically, I don’t pay attention to what a person is eating. Their choice is theirs as mine is mine. It wasn’t until she said, “ I am doing all of the right things including eating healthy but not getting results.” I just witnessed her eat a plate that was loaded to the edges with white rice and topped with about five pieces of chicken covered in gravy and washed down with juice. I confirmed she typically eats portions like that three times a day and attends a one hour group fitness class about 4-5 times a week. Her perspective was that rice is healthy and she was not starving herself so her body won’t store fat.

Perspective can get in the way of us truly achieving the goals we desire. We see a cup and think it is half full while the other thinks it is half empty. The same is true for creating a healthy lifestyle. Let’s address Misled Action. Thinking we are acting in a healthy way but misled by our perspective of healthy. Example: Not supersizing a meal at a fast food place. My friends, I hate to break this to you but it is still a fast food joint where the quality of food is just that… fast, cheap and quickly prepared. .
After that encounter, I did more research and I came across a study by CNBC’s Dan Mangan. He stated that Americans are less healthy than they think. He shared that Milennials (those between 18 and 34) think that having good eating habits and exercising regularly equals being healthy, however, 37% of them remedy stress through alcohol consumption. GenXers (those between 18 – 48) reach for unhealthy food when they are stressed.

When speaking with clients, I hear this perspective often. Where they share how they worked out, ate healthy and not sure why they are not hitting their goal. I dig and find that misled action has taken place down. Whether they ate out all week due to business meetings, even down to… “ I worked out more then usual so I deserve a few extra treats from Uber Eats.” We must take our blinders off. We cannot have a misled perspective.

Let’s combat some Misled Actions that are hindering your results!
Between Meal Snacks Gone Wrong: A mini meal should be less than 200 calories and light in sugar. An apple with 1 TBSP Natural Peanut Butter. Avoid endless bag syndrome where we are eating the apple but scooping the peanut butter out of the jar. It is easy to over consume the serving size that way. Let’s face it. 2 TBSP of Peanut Butter averages 190 calories where 140 of those calories come from fat.
Not including Alcohol Calories to Daily Calorie Intake: Unfortunately, a high percentage of people do great during the week and then sabotage their work but living it up on the weekends. Add the nightly glass of wine while cooking dinner and that is an self-inflicted ambush.

“I eat salad everyday” and cook with olive oil. What is in the salad? Creamy dressing? Olive Oil (1 serving of Olive Oil is 1 TBSP which averages 130 calories in that TBSP and 14 Grams of fat)? Don’t be misled by a few pieces of lettuce underneath dressings, croutons.

I believe looking truthfully at our daily and weekend habits will help us take small steps to clear up our perspective. Don’t mislead yourself or be misled by another’s perspective of living healthy. Research proper portions, learn to read nutrition labels or do what I do… get Legacy Fit Doral’s very own Nicolle on speed dial who knows all things healthy food. 🙂