Love Yourself


Have you ever got in your car in the and the windows are not clear? There is dew on the windows or the sun is so bright it brings a glare making it tough to see through. Squinting eyes and leaning forward are a few ways we try to gain a clear vision. Use your imagination now. Instead of dew or the sun… it is your “to do” list blinding you from a clear vision. It is directly in front of you so there is no getting around it.

Cupcakes for kid’s party. Check!

Business Deadline. Check!

Call the plumber. Check!

Make my workout… Oops!

Still in the window right in front of you. Still something “to do”. Something not completed. Do we define ourselves by how much we complete off the “to do” list? Does our level of accepting and loving ourselves get rated based on how much we get to cross off the list? NO DAYS OFF means being the best version of yourself everyday. There is no minimum items to check off the list in order to prove your value. You are wonderfully made and taking small steps daily towards your personal goals leads to loving yourself unconditionally. So with Valentine’s Day around the corner. The holiday of showing others love. I invite you to show yourself some love. Don’t focus on the “to do” list. Focus on the “love yourself” list.

Make that bootcamp workout which shows love for your body. Check! (Only 4% of your day)

Wake up early to read devotionals or ease into the morning which shows love for your soul. Check!
Log out of social media and dive into a new craft or book which shows love for your mind. Check!

Turn the tv off and eat dinner with no phones or distractions. Check!

Make the cupcakes for the kid’s party with your child and enjoy the time together. Check!

Turn the quantity of items completed into the quality of time spent. It is Valentine’s Day. Love and celebrate those around you. Love and celebrate what makes you special too.