In The Zone

The zone silences excuses.  The zone looks for actions and bypasses distractions.  The zone has no room for “maybe”, “tomorrow “or “one day”.  The zone is in the present.  We all experienced that feeling.  When something clicks and you get in a zone.  The zone doesn’t have to be just fitness.  It could even be cleaning the house.  What the zone means is that we are focused!  We are locked in!  We are making the most of the moment presented to us.


We are nearing the close of 2017.  Can you believe it?  What Zone did you spend this year in?  Let’s look at some of these and start to set our mindset for the 2018 Zone.  Will our 2018 be a year of focus, locked in and making the most of each day granted to us?  The only way to tell is by examining the zones that we might be in and intentionally change our scenario.


Dead Zone
Day to Day, Night to Night… Got to make the donuts.  Going through the motions.  Lacking spark for what the day holds.  Please don’t mistake this paragraph as if I wake up chipper everyday without the help of caffeine.  There is a difference between pushing through challenging moments of the day verses letting time escape by creating habits that dim our spark day by day.  The dead zone is where the sense of excitement starts to fade by either distractions, lack of action, lack of motivation or even aimlessly scrolling through social media.  How do we know if we have entered the dead zone?  We can ask ourselves if our career excites us, our weekends involve trying something new or if at the end of the day, we do not know what happened to the time or our chance to get things done have left the building.


Safe Zone
Have we played it safe this year?  Same restaurants, same recipes, and same goals.  Are there adventures that are still in the “one day” compartment of our mind.  The safe zone is a little tricky because there are positive safe zones.  The ones that keep us from making reckless choices that could hurt us or those we love.  Those are the positive safe zones.  There is also another safe zone that we allow to keep us from the spice of life.  Trying new foods that our individual culture might not have an acquired taste for yet.  Or what about when we play it safe to not hurt someones feeling and end up eating what we should not because it would be insulting otherwise.  This safe zone limits us from being locked in to an enhanced quality of life.


Danger Zone
This is the complete opposite of the Safe Zone.  The danger zone could be not having a balance with the party scene or any other area of our life that takes us over the edge.  Could be food, drinks, extreme partying or abusive relationships.  Our mind, body and soul are so delicate that we can enjoy the finer things of life without these areas of our life taking control of our well being.  Sometimes, we can’t even see that we are in the danger zone but others around us see it.


NoDaysOff Zone
Here is the zone that is all about personal growth in all areas of our life.  Our purpose… leaving our legacy.  Living our life to the fullest so caring for the one body we have.  This includes expanding our mind (challenging ourselves to keep learning so we can work towards leaving the contribution (legacy) the world needs us to)!  Caring for our physical body through eating clean and exercise daily.  And our soul… are our surroundings enriching our lives or depleting it? Are we spending time we won’t get back with our family without the distraction of a chime from a phone.  This zone challenges us to sit somewhere different at church so we can meet new people.  Keep learning by being forever the student.  It takes planning and effort to live consistently in this zone.  There are distractions that you will have to put to the side.   Spend some time and look at what zone you are in?  If you find yourself in a zone that prohibits you from living your best life now, understand that we are cheering you on.  Take the step to go into a NoDaysOff Zone by making daily small changes that increase your focus towards your best life.


Get in the Zone… Don’t wait.