I appreciate you, NOW CHANGE!

Why can’t I stay the same?

I have the IPhone7. It feels like yesterday when I bought it, it was the “in” thing and just like that I am now outdated. All around us change is occurring. The world keeps spinning and time keeps ticking. Eventually, change taking place around us, affects us. We have the choice to fight it or embrace it. Let’s examine why change is inevitable to our success.

  • Lifestyle: How we live our life directly effects our productivity. Imagine we look to get healthy. We spend time in the gym but then head to the fast food drive through. We cannot expect to produce a fit physique if we are not ready to change in multiple areas of our life including foods we consume. If we started an early morning career but then maintain a lifestyle of hanging out late and getting a few hours of sleep per night, it will eventually catch up to us by either showing up to work late or not being as alert in our new position. The reality is that one area of our life does affect the others. As our life changes or life goals are made, some adjustments might be necessary to achieve that lifestyle.
  • Personal Growth is Change: There is a book called “The Road Less Traveled”. That book changed my life. It states that we have to be committed to THE truth. Not OUR truth. We all look through our lens of personal experience (childhood, past family life, tragedies we experienced) to define our reality. Example: I am currently pregnant. Data states that to develop a healthy baby, I just need to eat an additional 300 calories daily for my baby. With my first child, I packed on 56 pounds because my truth at that time was that I was ‘eating for 2’ so I ate what I wanted and when I wanted. I had to evolve to seek knowledge because my original perception was not accurate. Could it be that some of our truth is outdated? What area of our life can we make a positive change towards personal growth?

Small Changes Or Change Drastically?

Everyone and every situation is different. 9 years ago, I decided to stop eating meat and that was it. I went cold turkey (no pun intended) and have been successfully a Vegetarian since then. Another season in my life, I started training a surfer and other clients in Manhattan at 5am when I still lived in the Bronx. My schedule changed to waking up at 2:45am in order to have breakfast, get ready and navigate the unpredictable “6” Train. I always needed that extra time in case the subway decided to be delayed or detoured. That schedule change required lifestyle changes. Meet friends for Salsa dancing Thursday night at 6pm? No thanks friends. Will have to see you on the weekend because my new season required me to be sleeping by 8pm. No later! After all, what did I want more? A night of Salsa during the week or my clients to reach lasting life change? They were counting on me so my choices became clear really quickly. Is there an area of growth, or a change that you can make today that will positively impact another goal you have?

“You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you.”

Let’s Change your Life!

Our nutrition coach Nicolle, shared recently in a coaching session for the Step Up Doral program that if we must control our environment before it controls us. We plugged in with some of our Doral community and asked what are some positive changes they would like to make in their environment to gain more concrete lasting results. We heard wonderful goals related to living a healthy lifestyle.
With that said, our trainers (Carlos, Nicolle and myself) decided to kick off the opening of Legacy Fit Doral with a 90 Day Challenge based off of different categories that we have extensive knowledge in. The reason we chose 90 days is because we want to hold you accountable to the goals you set and we understand that success does not come over night. It comes with consistency and intensity. Each trainer will also have a maximum of 12 participants for this 90 Day Challenge because we want to connect with each participant individually and as a group. Every person adjust to changes differently so we want to make sure we can stay on top of each participant’s victories and challenges. Finally, the 90 Day Challenge starts with new routines which require changing some things in your life with the goal of creating a lasting new lifestyle! Details will follow on the 90 Day Challenge very shortly to give enough time for those brave souls to accept this challenge. Know that who you are is valuable and important. Know also that changing in positive ways is nothing more than enhancing your life. NOW CHANGE!