Follow Your Heart or Be Bullied by Your Circumstances

When the alarm goes off and my feet hit the floor, I like to ease into the morning listening to calming music and sipping coffee. Now, there are some mornings that my little boy will come knocking at the door with a specific need that can jumpstart my day a little more abrupt. Just like there are calm days, there can be circumstances taking place that can make an abrupt impact on our life. The question is… will we follow our heart and passion or be bullied by our surrounding circumstances? Take it a step further and perhaps your circumstance ignites your calling. What is your next step??

I am a risk taker to some because I will chase my dream when even if I have comfortable circumstances. My faith leads me and I know that if my calling was placed in my heart, it will come to pass if I act on it. Even if I don’t see fully up the mountain, I start climbing. So when presented with being a part of Legacy Fit Doral as their lead trainer, there was no turf on the floor or open date set but after feeling that nudge to walk in faith, my family did. My passion is for people to connect with the one body they have and help it operate as wonderfully as it was made to do. I don’t see a person’s current circumstance. I see all they are designed to be. I want to have a piece of helping them see it and achieve it. So when Legacy Fit Doral encountered construction delays, it could have been easy to allow those circumstances to over power a dream. But there is power in knowing your purpose. There is power in following that purpose while taking the steps to alter the outcome of your circumstance.

Nicolle, who is one of our trainers and nutrition coach shares how this journey of Legacy Fit Doral has been a journey of growth in her profession but also as a person. Her original vision when joining the team was to help people in their fitness journey and positively impact their lives. After over a year of this Legacy Fit Doral team motivating each other and our members during this bump in the road, the vision has evolved into something greater. Her vision still contains helping them achieve their goals but to become a better version of themselves. That they can achieve anything they put their mind to and their heart into. They will not be bullied by their circumstances. To Nicolle and this team, Legacy Fit Doral itself is an example of strength and transforming obstacles into opportunities. Nicolle’s message to the community of Doral is, “Be prepared! We have so much to offer you and we are coming to you stronger than when we first arrived.”

Finally, let me share what NODAYSOFF means. It is not about just working out everyday. NODAYSOFF means being the best version of yourself daily in the roles you play. Not to just exist but to evolve, impact and go the extra mile. So my dream for you today is to persevere through your circumstance and chase your dream! Be NODAYSOFF. If something has been placed in your heart that will leave a positive legacy on this planet, chase it. In all of the books I have read, no legacy comes easy but we all can leave a positive mark on this planet. It is my unwavering goal to help you strengthen your body and obtain a NODAYSOFF mindset so you can leave your legacy.