Focus is very important in terms of creating a healthy lifestyle.  Every person that comes into a fitness location has a different focus.  Once they know what their focus is, then a level of focus can be applied to achieving that goal.  Every goal is not the same so cannot be treated the same way.  The beauty about focus is that it changes based on what season we are in.  For example, after I delivered my son, I had 56 pounds to lose in order to get back to my comfortable body weight.  So my focus was Weight Loss at the time.  After achieving that goal 8 months down the line, my focus shifted to maintaining that work.  These days, my focus is on longevity.  Caring for my body in a way that focuses on strong muscles, joints and increased flexibility while I enjoy the escape of a mind/body connection.


Focus changes through out our journey on this Earth but the format to achieving success in your focus does not.  Let’s break it down.




Follow: Follow the Legacy Fit Doral Program that works best for you.  If you are focused on weight loss, then enjoy the luxury of us planning you Partner Interval Training session daily for you.  You are guaranteed to burn calories, increase lean muscle and not have to plan your own program for the one hour session.  Focus on at least 5 days a week at a minimum.  What ever your focus is, we have a plan that is perfect for you.  If a healthy lifestyle is your focus, the blend of our boot camp plus VICE bar food and juices will help you discover how the right fuel in your system will elevate your life.


One: One day at a time.  Too much pressure placed on ourselves can do more harm then good.  If our focus is weight loss and we skip a few days in our new program, do not throw in the towel.  Do not allow the battlefield of the mind to win.  The battle field of the mind can tell you that you will never achieve your goal because of lack of focus.  Not true!  No one is perfect and if we focus on the one day at a time method, we can wake up knowing we just have to focus on today.  And just get today right!


Course: The course you take has to be centered around your focus.  New habits created based on your goal.  If pizza night is interfering with your progress, then find a way to enjoy pizza in moderation each month.  Once again, focus on each day.  If it is a day where old habits are tempting you to veer off course, get on offense.  What strategy can help you stay on course for the day?  If it is tuning into your favorite show after working out, set it up if you kept focus.  If you were not successful, identify the triggers.  Was it pressure at work, children at home.  Find your trigger and when they start to attack (which they will).  Create a new course of action when being provoked.


Until: Until you are able to renew your mind, it will always be easier to shift focus to what might not be best for you but will be the most familiar to you.  The goal of renewing our mind is changing piece by piece the way we think.  Piece by piece changing the actions we take.  In order to renew our mind, we have to address those thoughts that come flying through our mind and choose a different course of action when needed.  It can be done.  It is almost shocking to see the amount of is people that focus on ignoring these thoughts as opposed to those that identify the root of the thought so they can combat it.


Successful: Success is a result of focus.  It is very rare to keep success around those that are stuck in the past or not motivated.  If we surround ourselves with those that challenge the way we think, study and exercise we can grow in our way of thinking.  What feels impossible now will soon become possible with capital letters.  Step by Step.  Day by Day.  Moment by Moment.