#FitFam: Make it a Reality

Those images of a perfect family running up a hill or biking together. Oh, how I remember those images growing up and thinking, yeah right! The images I can relate to are urban cities where older men sat on crates in front of a corner store, graffiti, and playing handball or basketball all day after school. We may have been running up hills or biking in khaki pants but those active memories are fond to me. My mom took us to all these outlets to be active growing up that did not cost much but imprinted lasting memories. That collective family fitness is something we offer. Knowing how valuable time is, there are some strategies we want to suggest to maximize active memories for your family. Check out the below obstacles and strategies to start activating memories.

The Too Tired
Who can relate to work grind, meetings and exercise before rushing to get to the kids to their activity. Head home to a ton of chores. Conversation is the last thing on the list. Has connecting with the family become a luxury during the week? If so, time to strike back.
I’ve read that if we make time for something that replenishes us, it can combat our exhaustion from the day to day. I have implemented that strategy myself and happy I did. Strike back being too tired by adding exercise as a new hobby that connects the family. Could that be going on a walk together after dinner? Every atmosphere is a different one so if biking in meadows is your surrounding or a game of HORSE on the basketball court is more fitting to your environment, I invite you to start with twice a week to add that to your routine! Break up the norm by replacing a “time robber” with a “memory maker”.

The Too Distracted
Speaking of what is robbing our time. According to a New York Times Article, “The Eight-Second Attention Span”, the evolution of Smart Phones has contributed to decreasing our ability to sustain concentration on a specific task without being distracted in a short period of time. Hand written letters have become emails which turned into text messages and we now respond mostly with emojis. The need to be connected to the world decreases our ability to connect to each other in person. Most family time is spent with people being together but glued to their phones. Strategy time! Turn off some of the notifications on the phone, put it away when you are working out or with family. If it is right there, the habit of checking it becomes the source of distraction. Come take a one hour bootcamp and drop off your child at one of our child care partnerships.
We have First Steps Interventions who partners with our parents of children with special needs to enrich the lives of these kids on the Spectrum. Their Saturday Socials connect these children to other kids as they learn skills that will help them in social settings. What I love about this program as a mom myself of a child on the spectrum is that they assess each child and work on goals catered to their specific needs keeping the parent in the loop of their progress. They will be adding weekday evening socials as well!
Another option is to drop off your child to the Kid Gym where the kids are working out with responsible and knowledgeable professionals. In either Kid Care location, it is a designated time where your kids are walking distance from Legacy Fit Doral. You can rest assure and concentrate on getting a great workout.

There’s Hope
As long as we are given another moment, we are given an opportunity to create lasting memories. In the Too Tired obstacle, we focused on connecting in a positive active way with our family to refuel us. In the Too Distracted obstacle, we are able to connect to our body on a one on one level while our children do the same at the same time. This is a lifestyle that we want to instill and help you be successful at implementing. I believe we can challenge these obstacles and create some awesome memories in the process.