Distracted Fitness

When driving, many people watch the phone instead the road. In restaurants, many have dinner with someone but glued to their electronics? According to The New York Times article, “The Eight-Second Attention Span”, humans have a shorter attention spans then goldfish. While doing one thing, humans are already chasing the next thrill putting our concentration at risk. Starting things but not maintaining concentration to stay on task. Distracted fitness can lead to less results and injuries. Let’s dive in!

The dictionary defines mindfulness as a mental state achieved by focusing ones awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging ones feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Distracted fitness allows fly away thoughts to run wild stirring us away from the full workout experience. We want to be locked into the body so practicing mindfulness allows us to not get caught up with what is going on around us at the moment. Working out requires concentration so take these next steps to gain Mindful Fitness.

Make a plan.
Plan exactly what you are working on that day. If you are taking our Bootcamp, we plan it for you. Concentrate during your workout to see how you feel? Are you able to carry a conversation when working out? If so, then increase your pace or pounds you’re lifting to maximize your effort.

Use the Mirror.
Mirrors are in fitness facilities to help you achieve proper form and technique. Do not rush the movements. Be intentional with these targeted movements focusing on the muscles you’re working. If there is pain, use the mirror to check your form. If form is correct and pain persist, ask your trainer for an option. Every person is at a different fitness level in the room so don’t use the mirror to copy someone if your body is not ready yet for that level.

Ditch the Phone.
Texting during your workout is not only distracting but it is dangerous. One misstep can lead to injury. Part of mindfulness is being fully aware of your moment. This is your time for yourself so sidetracking ourselves with text take away from the flow and intensity of the work out.

Set Appointments and Keep Them
I lead a 25-30 woman dance team. We write out Mindful Calendars monthly. Things that matter most to us that we schedule undistracted time to focus on. Our workouts are one of these things. How can you protect those things that bring you joy from the never ending distractions all around us? At the beginning of the month, the team shares about challenges or victories we might have had the month prior. We set “Matter Most” appointments and other things work around that. If something does not fit into the “matter most” schedule, then we pass on it.

Good-bye distracted fitness!
We can surpass the goldfish attention span through mindfulness. Each moment is an opportunity to enjoy an authentic experience from start to finish. Let’s do this!