Welcome to the last month of 2017.  Many people are focused on starting new routines in 2018.  Yet there is an opportunity to cleanse your home, body, service and family life to prepare you for a fresh start come January 1st.  Let’s not draw out this introduction and get right to the point.  Let me share where I am in hopes you will find an area of cleansing that you would like to focus on as well this month.

Our home is our sanctuary that should feel warm.  It is where we kick our feet up to disconnect from the outside world.  One of my favorite statements from Ron is “More stuff?”  How much stuff do we need and what kind of stuff?  Good bye to stuff that is just taking up space or is no longer significant to who I am today.  This month I putting out those items that bring the most joy front and center in my home.  Photo albums have a way of lightening our heart when we reflect.  They are conversation starters when guest come over and they showcase love.  Books are coming out of the TV shelf and in go photo albums.

Those eye sores are getting repaired as well my friends.  What are those items that need to be fixed in the home that you will get to “one day”?  Start 2018 fresh with turning the key to your home and entering into freshly painted, items repaired and all things in working conditions.  Have a painting party with friends where you assign each a wall and afterwards you all eat together.  You deserve to enjoy your special home.

One of my best friends is getting prepped for a fitness competition in New York.  She is a mom of two that owns her own business as well as works full time.  She works out four times a week right now but preparing to go NODAYSOFF.  She is meal prepping and has that strong will power to cut some of the items that will hinder her progress.  The body is the most well designed machine and when we focus on it, we get the most out of it.  This month,  I am looking into some of my habits.  Habits affect our body in a positive or negative way.  Schedule our workout like an unbreakable appointment… affects our body!  Eating certain foods and drinking sugary beverages affect our body.  What are your habits?  What can you cleanse from your habits this month so January, you are not bombarding yourself with pressure to make drastic changes all at once.

Giving is more rewarding then receiving.  What are the gifts you have that can serve others?  Mine happens to be fitness and dance.  This month, I volunteered at an elementary school teaching them dance and speaking life into these kids.  Connecting and valuing people is the most important gift we can contribute to this earth.  Find your hobby or passion and you will find an area to serve.  I know some amazing Mary Kay reps that volunteer at women’s shelters doing their makeup and sharing the feeling of beauty.  I know a mom who packs lunches for homeless people and care packages with them.  She even had a homeless person offer to pray for her when you would think it would be the other way around.  Incorporate an area that you would like to serve at least once a month.  Use this month to dream of the area you can contribute to.

Family or Friend Life
Time together carved out and dedicated without the phone.  We went to Disney World last weekend.  Can I tell you how much we laughed and enjoyed having adventures?  The best part of this is that adventures can be free if we are just going to a park, packing up a picnic or going to the beach.  Find adventures on Groupon or sign up for local event newsletters.  There are so many ways to connect that won’t break the bank. Laughing is cleansing!  Making memories is cleansing!

Overall, a healthy lifestyle involves mind, body and soul.  We cannot be fully healthy if we do not nurture all areas.  Balance matters.  Share your thoughts and enjoy the process!