Buckle Up With Nicolle Erazo

Hello Readers, 

My name is Nicolle and I am a trainer and certified nutrition coach at Legacy Fit Doral. 

I would like to share with you four of the most common mistakes that people make when they decide to embark on a weight loss journey.  So, sit down, buckle up and lets explore these mistakes. 

1.  Failing to Plan

Have you heard of the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail” ? Well, there is a lot of truth in this, especially, when it comes to nutrition.  In today’s society, we live “on-the-go” and  most of the time we decide to rely on our will and make choices as we go through our day.  

If you are considering to begin a healthier lifestyle, my best advice is to plan and make the choices head of time before its too late. Get rid of trigger foods in your kitchen.  Know what you will have during the week and if you can prep some of these beforehand, do it. If you are someone who eats at restaurants a lot, look for healthy restaurants in the area in which you would be most of the week or  know what healthy options you have in their menu.  Life happens, and you cant plan absolutely everything in your week, and its fine, but at least the majority of it should be taken care of. Don’t just leave your nutrition to chance. 

2.  More is not always better.

One of the most common mistakes I see when it comes to starting a new weight loss diet is to make all the changes and restrict ourselves from everything that has been a habit in our life, all at once. We know that to lose weight we need to be in a deficit of calories, however, it is important to understand that “more” is not always “better”.  Creating a big deficit in our calories can also have side effects such as fatigue, irritability, low energy and affect our hormones and metabolism. 

Small and steady changes will always take you a long way.  Focusing on building good  habits and being consistent will ensure that not only you obtain the results you want, but you can also maintain them.  Always think of the big picture. 

3.  The scale doesn’t  have the last word.

The scale is only one of many forms to measure progress, but there are also many factors that may affect the result on the scale.  Water intake, bowel movements, sodium intake, hormonal balance are some of the many factors that can affect the number on the scale.  

I encourage you to also rely on other methods that can show you  progress. Some of these methods are pictures, how your clothes fits, energy level, and even measurements.  

4. Relying on supplements.

The supplement world is a huge industry that wants us to believe that there is that one pill, powder or oil that will make our fat-loss quicker and easier.  The truth is that in the scheme of all things in nutrition, supplements take that back seat. There are not enough fat burners, thermogenics,  or appetite suppressants that can help you if the basis of your nutrition is not a healthy diet, and by healthy, I mean consuming all your nutrients from whole foods and making sure that you are not lacking any important macronutrient or micronutrient.

Remember that supplements are only an addition to your fundamentals. 

As you can notice, I have been mentioning “journey” when I refer to weightloss diet. Mainly, because this is how I encourage my clients to visualize it.  Everyone’s journey is different, there are some diets that might work for  some people, that might not work for others and you don’t have to be discouraged. Find a diet that works with your lifestyle, your needs and that helps you adhere to it better.  Be aware of how you feel and how is affecting your body in the long term. The quick fixes are not always the best ones when it comes to our health. If you don’t know where or how to start always do your research from reliable sources or look for a coach that can guide you and hold you accountable. Remember, it is your health and your body, you are the ultimate person responsible for it.