Legacy Fit® is a one-hour full-body workout. Our workout system is built on Partner Interval Training™ (P.I.T.™) and creates an environment of motivation and accountability that lets you experience a completely different workout each time you step in our facility.

What separates us from other “group exercise” classes? It’s our proven system that was developed over 6 years of trial & error … improving it until it ran as smooth as possible. #PIT™ #PartnerIntervalTraining™  provides you with a training partner, immediate accountability, spotter, motivation & just knowing you have someone that is going through exactly what you are going through and helping you get through it … is priceless. 

Originally based in the heart of Miami, FL, Legacy Fit® quickly became the number one bootcamp gym in the city and today is one of the hottest franchise opportunities in the country. Leading the way to a new era of fitness in America, Legacy Fit® incorporates the philosophies within the “No Days OFF®” lifestyle guide penned by Sumner in 2012.

“When someone trains hard and they are excited about how much stronger and more confident they feel, it’s the best.” – Manning Sumner, Legacy Fit®