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Legacy Fit is a one-hour full-body workout. Our workout system is built on Partner Interval Training (P.I.T.) and creates an environment of motivation and accountability that lets you experience a completely different workout each time you step in our facility.

As we move closer to bringing you a new facility in the heart of Doral, we want to extend our Pre Sale Rates for our future members to our 8, 12 and unlimited classes. If you are interested, please go to the sign up link and enter your information along with the code NODAYSOFF20.


Originally based in the heart of Miami, FL, Legacy Fit quickly became the number one bootcamp gym in the city and today is one of the hottest franchise opportunities in the country. Leading the way to a new era of fitness in America, Legacy Fit incorporates the philosophies within the “No Days OFF” lifestyle guide penned by Sumner in 2012. By doing so, this allows Legacy Fit members nationwide to benefit from the knowledge and experience of not only their personal Legacy Fit trainer, but also of founder Manning Sumner.

“When someone trains hard and they are excited about how much stronger and more confident they feel, it’s the best.” – Manning Sumner, Legacy Fit